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Septic System Installation & Repair


Septic Tank Installation


Septic Field Installation

Do you have an "Septic System Installation" project on your "To Do" list?  Give us a call to discuss it!

We are *Certified to install septic systems in Nova Scotia.

From testing your soil, to septic system design, to installation...we'll manage your project for bringing in the right people to create a septic system that will work with your soil type, is positioned correctly on your property, and will last for years! 

(We promise to keep your yard and property as tidy as possible during construction. We'll do everything we can to make it end up looking better than when we arrived!) 

Call Now to discuss and schedule YOUR septic system project. (Or start by sending us an email below.)


*An Installer certification is required to install or modify a system. This would included repairing any damage which may have occured to piping or bed materials,  including erosion. - Waste Water Nova Scotia Society,


Septic System Repair

Septic System Construction Guide from Waste Water Nova Scotia


Before You Construct An Onsite Sewage System - Waste Water NS - NS Gov.pdf

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