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Septic Tank Pumping

Having Your Septic Tank Emptied Regularly Can Extend The Life Of Your Septic System!


We try to make the job of collecting and disposing of human waste as clean and professional as possible: 

  • Caring About Your Lawn - We carry 135 feet of hose on the truck at all times because we try to "never" drive on a lawn if at all possible. Trucks are heavy and can leave ruts. (If you know your septic tank is really far from the driveway - Tell us. We can bring another 25 feet of hose...but 135' is normally more than enough.) 

  • Locating Your Septic Tank - If you aren't sure where your septic tank is - we'll find it for you.

  • Raising Your Covers - We can install "risers" so your septic tank covers will be at ground level for easier access next time. (Ask for pricing when you schedule your cleaning.)

  • Installing Effluent Filters - All septic tanks are now installed with an "effluent filter" to stop solids from entering and plugging up your septic field pipes....which, as mentioned above, can cost thousands to dig up, find the blockage, repair, and put back together. If your septic tank doesn't have that filter, we can install it for you. (Ask for pricing when you schedule your cleaning.) 

  • Back-filling & Landscaping - Most people don't ask us to back-fill the holes...especially if we didn't dig them. But if you want us to back-fill the holes and landscape the dug up area - just ask for pricing when you call to schedule your cleaning. 


With septic system repairs costing $100's and rebuilds often costing up to $15,000 (sometimes more), having your septic system inspected and/or pumped out every few years can literally save you a lot of money by lengthening the life of your onsite sewage disposal system!

Pricing starts at $275 (HST Included) in Windsor, NS. Please call or contact us below for further details.

Have you had your septic tank emptied in the last *3-5 years? If not, Get A FREE Quote below... 

*Nova Scotia Environment recommends having your septic tank emptied every 3-5 years...depending on the size of your tank, the number of occupants in your home and the amount of litres discharged per day. Pumping out your tank on a regular basis helps prevent sewage backup, helps keep the septic bed pipes from getting clogged, removes accumulated solids and helps to prevent septic system failure. 

Call Now ​to discuss and schedule YOUR septic tank cleaning, or get a FREE Septic Pumping Quote below. 

(Don't need it pumped 'till next year? Request a Quote and Reminder Call here.)